What ever your need may be, Velocity Aviation is here to work along side you to insure a quick, effortless transaction.

Velocity Aviation specializes in the sale and acquisition of transport category aircraft. With extensive market knowledge and highly effective research strategies, Velocity Aviation can provide a realistic market value for your asset acquisition or disposition.  

Velocity Aviation takes pride in building long-standing relationships with clients based on mutual respect, unyielding business ethics and a commitment to maximizing the client’s financial interest.  Velocity Aviation is strongly committed to a policy of iron clad business ethics; the client’s interest is our commitment.


As the result of the more than 40 years of experience in the industry of aviation, Velocity Aviation draws upon a broad spectrum of aircraft marketing tools. Our team will create a unique marketing plan to strategically relocate your asset using traditional media in concert with the Internet and other valuable avenues. However, our single most effective asset is our worldwide network of aviation contacts ensuring the broadest global exposure for your aircraft.  Our extensive international scope extends a clear advantage to our customers.

Sales Process:

To ensure the successful disposition of your aircraft asset, Velocity Aviation calls upon years of experience in the regional airline marketplace and developed business/personal relationships.  Finalizing an aircraft sales transaction is a complex process involving evaluating the asset, recommending realistic price points, identifying and targeting the productive markets, transaction negotiation, aircraft inspection, escrow of funds, formal purchase/sales agreements, and closing.  Velocity Aviation brings invaluable experience to the sales process that ensures a smooth and successful sales process for the disposition of your aircraft.  We are recognized throughout the regional airline industry for our integrity, competence, and exceeding the expectations of our clients.   VELOCITY AVIATION’S SALES PROCESS IS EXCELLENCE!


Velocity Aviation thrives in the dynamic marketplace of regional airline aircraft and remains close to its aircraft availability and values.  Aircraft values are determined by a number of factors; not prices but values.  Our extensive experience and knowledge of the regional airline market puts Velocity Aviation in a unique position to locate, recommend and negotiate the purchase of your next aircraft by identifying the best value available. Our experience directly translates into savings on your acquisition.  Velocity Aviation’s presence in the regional airline market provides our company with pre-sale access to aircraft before they are presented for sale, presenting our buyers with exclusive acquisition opportunity available to others.

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What sets Velocity Aviation apart from the competition?